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“Dan Madson has the ability to add color, clarity and power to your document. Many people have the ability to write but don’t know how to polish their work and take it across the finish line. With his unique writing and editing skills, Dan has the ability to turn any piece of work into something that will delight the reader! I would highly recommend Dan to help you work on your next writing project.”

  • Dave DeBlander, author and business owner from Pensacola, FL

"While it took me nearly 10 years to write my manuscript, it was only a matter of months before Dan and Skrive Publications took my words and crafted them into a meaningful and memorable book. I had expected that when publishing a book, the bulk of the workload would fall on my shoulders. That was not the case at all. I was pleasantly surprised by how much work was done behind the scenes at Skrive. Still, I was kept in the loop to approve things that were important to me, from words and voice to pictures to graphics to cover design. I would highly recommend working with Skrive Publications!" 

  • Michelle Bauer, author of "Jesse Was Here" -  from Madison, WI

“Dan’s experience as a humor writer, published author and editor enabled him to identify where changes were necessary in my manuscript. His thorough work made my writing better and easier to read. It was a treat being able to utilize his skills throughout the publishing process. Plus, he’s fun to work with! I recommend Dan’s services without reservation. He can help take any writing project from start to finish.”

  • Glenn Lussky, author and retired meteorologist from LaCrescent, MN

“In today’s business world, with complex interactions between technology and people, finding someone who can simplify and transfer knowledge with meaningful words and style is a necessity. Identifying the skill and passion to succinctly communicate with written words is arduous. Finding both in one individual is near impossible and a treasure. Dan Madson is an artisan with dedication for both.”

  • Jon P. Otterstatter, Founder and CEO of Preventice Solutions Group, Minneapolis, MN

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